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Here you will find more information on the activities of dr.ir. Elke den Ouden and her company.
The company was founded in March 2012, to provide independent advice and services on the creation of meaningful innovations and the design of ecosystems that create value for the various stakeholders of innovative solutions.
Meaningful information
Elke's activities are focused on creating meaningful innovations. The societal and economic challenges we are currently facing such as sustainability and climate resilience are not just threats but are also great opportunities. Designing meaningful innovations that improve quality of life, engage end-users, and provide value for organizations and other stakeholders requires a holistic view to integrate seemingly conflicting needs and requirements into compelling solutions.
Smart Cities & Smart Lighting
The activities of Elke focus on Smart Cities and Smart Lighting. A complete list of projects and project related publications can be found on the website of TU/e LightHouse.
Innovation Design
Elke is author of the book 'Innovation Design: Creating Value for People, Organizations and Society', published by Springer Science+Business Media B.V. in 2012, and is available via Springer online and other online bookstores.
Innovation Design presents an approach to designing shared value for businesses, non-profit organizations, end-users and society. The societal and economic challenges we are currently facing such as the aging population, energy scarcity and environmental issues are not just threats but are also great opportunities.
Innovation Design shows how organizations can contribute to the process of generating value for society by finding true solutions to these challenges. And at the same time, it describes how they can capture value for themselves in business ecosystems that care for both people and planet. It provides a practical and integrative approach towards value that connects ideas from economics, psychology, sociology and ecology to design new business models and business ecosystems.
About Elke
dr.ir. Elke den Ouden gained her Master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering in 1990 and subsequently joined Philips, where she has held a number of positions as advisor and manager in the field of product innovation for more than 20 years. In 2008 she was appointed as part-time professor in the Department of Industrial Design at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology).
In 2014 she was appointed as TU/e Fellow, with the mission of further developing strategic relationships between the university and public and private organisations.
Elke works with the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing group in the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. She combines her extensive experience in industry with her research in designing (added) value and developing new business through innovation in ecosystems.
She has been involved in the TU/e Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) from its early days, and is responsible for the strategy on Living Light Labs. She is strategic advisor to the Smart Cities Center (SCC/e) and ambassador of innovation Space where interdisciplinary student teams work on complex societal and industrial challenges.
Next to her activities at the university she founded Elke den Ouden BV in 2012 to provide expert advice on the creation of meaningful innovations and innovation ecosystems. Most of the projects of the BV are for TU/e LightHouse, of which she is strategic director and where she combines her academic and industrial background in making the knowledge of the TU/e on smart cities and smart lighting accessible for society.
Elke has a pragmatic approach towards the development and implementation of new tools and approaches. She is author of the book 'Innovation Design Creating Value for People, Organisations and Society', published by Springer Science & Business Media in 2012, and many other publications. She is frequently invited as guest speaker at meetings, conferences and internal innovation events in companies.
She is member of the board of the Louis Kalff Institute, chairman of IGOV Innovation Platform and actively involved Klimaatbestendig Herpt and Klimaatplein Heusden.
Elke den Ouden BV
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dr.ir. Elke den Ouden
Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing group of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Science
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