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Meaningful Innovation
Creating Value for People, Organizations and Society
The societal and economical challenges we are currently facing - such as the aging population, energy scarcity and environmental issues - are not just threats but great opportunities for organisations and businesses. However, innovations that provide solutions to these challenges require collaboration between people from various backgrounds: profit and non-profit organisations, small and large organisations, individual people with more and less education. It requires a good understanding of what value means to these different stakeholders, and how shared value can be created and at the same time ensure that the individual people can capture a fair share of the value in business ecosystems that care for both people and planet.


Examples of challenges:
  • Sustainable urban lighting: cities see great opportunities in the newest lighting technologies and want to embark on the transition towards more sustainable solutions with LED and intelligent systems;
  • Quality of life in healthcare: healthcare providers are looking for ways to innovate to ensure a good quality of life through care services at lower integral costs;
  • Smart energy solutions: with scarce resources and a growing population and energy consumption, innovations are needed that enable the transition to more sustainable solutions and more sustainable lifestyles.
Technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and at the same time citizens and customers are more aware of the spending of their tax money. Public organisations feel the responsibility to make the right decisions, keeping in mind the costs, sustainability and social responsibility on the short and longer term. Businesses providing new solutions need to implement the new solution in order to prove their value, and they feel the need to come up with new business models. A single organisation, neither a public organistion nor a business, does not have all the knowledge, experience and abilities to embark on such a transition alone. Collaboration in a quadruple helix structure is neededed, with public organisations, businesses, knowledge institutes and citizens. To make such collaboration successful the different perspectives on value need to be understood and an ecosystem needs to be designed that address bot tangible and intangible value to deliver sustainable benefit for all the involved parties and stakeholders.

This may seem hard to achieve, but practical tools and ways of working support the process.
Read more about meaningful innovation and the tools in the book Innovation Design
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